Asia Ramazan | Siria

Asia Ramazan was a young fighter member of the Kurdish Women’s Protection Units, who died at the age of just 19 at the hands of the self-styled Islamic State for defending her ideals and the rights and freedoms of women in her country.
As a child, Asia was the victim of a marriage agreed upon by her parents, which she was able to get rid of shortly after, before joining the guerrillas.
After completing her military training, she was sent to the first line of combat and participated as an artillery and team leader in five battles before dying in 2016 on the outskirts of Manbiy.
Asia Ramazan was a strong, self-confident, inspiring woman and a benchmark for her peers. His philosophy of life was simplicity, modesty and commitment. However, international public opinion discovered it thanks to photos published in late 2015 by a photojournalist and described it as”the Kurdish Angelina Jolie”.
In fact, these comparisons of Asia Ramazan with the American actress generated rejection in part by her fellow fighters, who described them as sexist and an example of women’s re-shaping: just what they were fighting against.
In their environment, no one ever judged Asia by its appearance, but by its sacrifice for the sake of others. That’s why she is the muse who inspired the first collection of MASMADERA Bags.
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