Thanks to the manufacturing, we can see our dreams come true for a product that represents the woman who knows how to fight for her ideals.

At MASMADERA, we’re committed to the best design.


The products that finally form part of the collection are created by the business itself, with the aim of achieving a product that’s unique for its exclusivity, quality and beauty, with an implicit message that speaks of the values that the brand stands for.



To represent the theme of the season, we’ve customised our bags through an exclusive illustration inspired by a female heroine from a developing country.


To do this we have the collaboration of a great and renowned illustrator, Anna Grimal.


We’ve opted for a design that in itself is already a work in its purest form, with a line drawing of round and very feminine shapes; very subtle, sophisticated and full of hope.



For the manufacture of our bags we’ve opted to use recycled and ecological materials which are free of heavy metals, which can be classified into three groups:


• Ecologically tanned cowhide, heavy-metal free.

• Ecological and recycled fabrics.

The fabrics we use set environmental sustainability objectives to reduce, reuse and recycle the materials used, so the fabric manufactured is made from 100% recycled materials.

The Avantfiber Recycled range is made from recycled cotton and polyester. The latter comes from recycled PET bottles.

• Fastenings and decorations ecologically cleaned and free from heavy metals.


Our products are defined by the care with which they are treated during their manufacturing process.


One of our fundamental requirements is to work with companies that have vast experience in the sector. Companies that produce bags of excellent quality, handmade by master craftsmen, 100% made in Alicante, Spain, a province that has focussed on the Moroccan sector for many years and is known for its experience and professionalism.


The designs and choice of materials are selected and delivered by the company itself. This controls the quality throughout the production chain process, from the selection to the final finish.

Feel like a pioneer and reflect the power of your values through conscious fashion.


Choose the style that best fits your personality from our varied range of exclusive designs. You decide who you are…




If you’re a practical and logical woman in terms of your day-to-day needs, then maybe you’ll decide on our ARTEMISA style. A large bag that stands out, with two handles and a removable shoulder strap and enough room to hold plenty of things.


If, on the other hand, you’re a casual, independent woman who prioritises comfort above all, you may identify with our ISIS style. A comfortable and spacious bag with a very detailed and exclusive design.


You can also opt for our NUT style, a very elegant bag, with lots of rooms and great flexibility, with a rounded design on its base. Designed for the sophisticated and dynamic woman.


This is perhaps the most daring option SHEILA. With a modern, comfortable, elegant and functional design this bag is for the daring, creative and flirtatious woman who follows the latest trends.

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