We work on the belief that the union of the energy of love and hope has enough power to break down seemingly insurmountable boundaries. Creating a more coherent, fair and balanced worldis the driving force behind us.

You may be one of those people who like to lose yourself in the crowd at the market, in Portobello Road or the Saint Ouen Flea Market, until you find that unique piece to decorate your new studio with.


When it comes to your favorite band, you make your way to the perfect position near the stage and don’t settle for anything less.


You love to enjoy afternoons alone, walking to your favorite bookstore, and then spend the rest of the afternoon in a café near the window with your book.


You keep your granny’s earrings in your secrets box, the ones she got married in, and that light up special occasions.


You also still use your negative camera, and you always take it on your travels. When you can, you like to walk barefoot and also feast on your favorite pastries.


You like to share, experiment and find that “je ne se quoi” in everything around you.


Maybe it’s because of all this you’re reading this text, and you identify with MASMADERA. We’ve created every one of our bags by taking inspiration from women like you.


Artemisa, Isis, Nut, Minerva, Sheila and Sulis are not just models of bags. They are names of women, of goddesses of different epochs and civilizations, representing different and complementary types of women.


Artemisa, Isis, Nut, Minerva, Sheila and Sulis each represent a type of woman-multifaceted, strong and eternal-and each of the women within each of us.


I’d love for you to choose the model you like the most, the one you identify with. The one that best suits your way of being, living and understanding the world.


It’ll happen to you like I do, you can’t just pick one. You know why? Because you’re not just a woman, you’re all you want to be!


Within each of us there are many different women … today you rise creative and tomorrow protective. One day you eat the world and the next you prefer to lower the rhyme and enjoy the little things.


You decide who you are…


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